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I'm hoping for the best. It's a shame that you can't get a comprehensive 10cc compilation domestically. Location: New England. Great deal on this set from Amazon right now! PROG U. Location: California. Dave W S , Mar 4, Location: NY. Location: North Of Boston. Muddy Holly likes this. Location: sydney. Location: Neuss near Cologne ,Germany.

Location: Riverside, CT. Location: Downunderland Left Hand Side. FrankenStrat , Feb 4, Location: The bottom of the cynical cesspool. On The Very Best of , it sounds like they used needle-drops for the UK-era material, and not very good ones at that. Cheepnik , Feb 4, Location: United States.

Grant , Feb 4, Lucifer and his gang are stopped by Bulletman. Lucifer and the gang wore identical blue robes and hoods with horns. The robes had a skull and crossbones emblem over the breast while the hoods had a black silhouette of one where the mouth would be. As they dressed identically, don't know how they knew which one was their leader.

Bluebeard: , Wow Comics 4. Foe of Mr. Scarlet and Pinky. Bullethug and Bulletmoll : , Master Comics Just joking. Of course it was up against Bulletman and Bulletgirl.

Perry Mason novels: #41 and #42

Calkins, Godfrey: Wow 1. Mad scientist millionaire type. He thinks that humans can survive on Venus and has developed a quick freezing process to preserve them on the trip through space. He and his henchmen arrange an accident and kidnap Dusty Davis and Janey Smart to test his theories on.

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The bad guys are stopped and Dusty and Janey are rescued by Atom Blake. Captain Cutthroat: , Fawcett On the island of Komodo, the ruthless pirate and murderer Captain Cutthroat has discovered the Lost City of Kazar and its fabulous golden treasure. He kidnaps a beautiful woman to set her up as a White Goddess in order to control the natives and anybody that dares set themselves against him get fed to his fierce komodo dragons.

Lance O'Casey and mate Mike Bellew are daring and chivalrous enough to do so anyway. At the end, it looks as if Captain Cutthroat might be becoming a snack for his pets. Captain Nazi: , Master v4 Superstrong, agile and utterly ruthless. He fought Bulletman, escaped. Fought Captain Marvel and managed to escape that.

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However, by crippling Freddy Freeman and crippling his grandfather he sets in motion the creation of his most steadfast foe: Captain Marvel Jr. Captain Nippon : , Captain Marvel Jr.

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  6. He was created by the Jamambux, sorcerers of the dark arts of medieval times, compounded of brute power, murder, hate, terror, lust and greed. Mind of a cunning spy, and strong enough to fight Captain Marvel Jr. Usually goes about wearing a loose fitting soldier's uniform and a spiked club. Possibly a member of Mr. Mind's Monster Society of Evil. In service of a cat-goddess and brought back to life several times in an efforts to kill Ibis but always results in his own death. Choker: , Master Comics The Choker is an escaped mad man.

    He is tracked down by Zoro and proves not above using a gun if he has to but apparently is killed by Cheeta who sinks her fangs into his throat to protect her master. Crime Czar : This mousy little crook used radio to organize criminals and balk police.

    Able to broadcast in on the police radio bands he could re-direct the cops as well as broadcast over the radio, call-station letters C-R-I-M-E, various criminal activities, all for a cut of course. Meanwhile, the police and Bulletman were confounded in their search for the Crime Czar by tracking down his signal as it seemed to move from location to location.

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    Turns out, he broadcasted from a helicopter and ultimately apprehended by the flying detectives. Crimson Claw: , Wow Comics Wayne is threatened with death by the Crimson Claw. The Claw turns out to be more literal than figurative as a package is delivered and out pops a crimson claw like a jack-in-the-box.

    Its talons are poisonous and Dr. Wayne quickly and painfully dies after being scratched in the face. A one-handed masked man retrieves the package after a quick fight with Mr. They capture him when he makes an attempt on Dr. Wayne's nurse Nurse Barnes. He is identified as Henry Claugh, who had approached Dr. Wayne with plans to make artificial claws for criminal weapons only the Dr.

    After his escape, he got someone else to make the claws, faked having one hand and chose the doctor, his assistant and nurse as his first victims. Crux, Victor, Dr.

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    Nazi spy specializing in smuggling industrial secrets, worked for Friedrick Outz. Like Marvel's Kingpin, he looked fat but his bulk actually hid a lot of muscle. Stopped by Balbo. The Crystal: , Whiz Head of a gang terrorizing the pretty Ronnie Keller in order to get her money, he ultimately stands revealed as her guardian Mr. The Crystal wears a suit and a hood of one-way glass as a mask looks more like a bucket than the Moon Man's globe.

    He's unmasked by the Companions Three in his second appearance, Master Comics The Cult of Jama, the devil-god , Master Comics 7. Imelda Loree seems to be under a curse. All men that seem interested in her die by mysterious and violent means. Investigating, Zoro discovers she was born on the date of a festival of the Jama cult. The cult, popular in America among society members, was believed to be stamped out some years earlier. Zoro eventually uncovers a small group is still practicing the devil worship and hoping to make Imelda their queen.

    Zoro exposes their chief as Murdock Daw who is just using the cult to frighten Imelda out of her money. The cultists all wear black hoods that cover their heads.